Our company Iov Malakasis which produces salami and sausages from Lefkada, was established during the postwar period. Its initiator and founder, Iov Malakasis, son of Thomas Malakasis, started producing salami Lefkados for the first time around 1945. In 1952 he opened his own store, where he produced small quantities of salami and sausages, which he afterwards sold to his father’s grocery store. In 1965 along with his brothers he founded the first company Iov Malakasis and Bros and in 1973 constructed the production unit of Zampelion 34 Street, in the eastern coast of Lefkada where the company is located until today.

Since then and up to now, the company has established a coherent network of suppliers and customers and has made salami Lefkados known all over Greece, always using the prewar traditional recipe, which was used by its founder during the first years of the enterprise.

​Today the company run by the son of Iov, Thomas Malakasis, is in the process of constructing new modern facilities where it will be transferred within 2013.

As connoisseurs following this particular delicacy’s production, always based on the high quality standards set by the company’s founder and with respect to the consumers that for so many years have shown their preference to us, we consider it our obligation to continue manufacturing this particular delicacy of excellent quality. 


Cured meat industry

Our salami and sausages have been produced
​with the same traditional recipe for years


Lefkada Salami

Lefkada salami is prepared caringly and responsibly with the authentic local recipe.


Salami-Production Method

Our salami is a product of natural maturation and it is made from fine pork.


Lefkada sausage

We produce Lefkada sausage with the finest materials just for you.


Sausage-Production Method

Our sausages are made with the finest ingredients and contain no preservatives.



It is maintained at a temperature below 15 °C or in the fridge if sealed.

A Form of Art

The manufacturing of cured meats is considered a form of art
​in Lefkada and we support it with care and respect towards our customers.


Iov Malakasis
Salami Lefkados

Plant – Enterprise:
Zampelion 34 and Golemi Lefkada 31100 
Tel.: 26450 22553 
Fax: 26450 22363



You can find our salami in the Super Markets in the
​central markets of Athens and Piraeus and in various delis all over Greece.


You can find our salami in the Super Markets in the
​central markets of Athens and Piraeus and in various delis all over Greece.

For more information about our company and products, and for ordering please contact us.

Dry salami Lefkados can be tasted plain or combined with a lot of flavors

  • Slice it thinly and accompany your favorite drink.
  • Combine it with tomato, cheese and your ouzo.
  • With bread or plain, it leaves an excellent flavor on your palate.
  • Try it with your cooked dishes.